America's Big Dirty Secret: Depleted Uranium Weapons

Brief Articles about DU:

Depleted Uranium: The Invisible Threat published at Mother Jones,com on April 23, 1999.

Discounted Casualties: The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium, An excellent series of articles combining personal stories, facts and statistics from Chigoku Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper.

Depleted Uranium in Bunker Bombs, America's Big Dirty Secret, Robert James Parsons, Le Monde Diplomatique, March 2002.

Depleted Uranium: The Real Story, Lynn Weltner, Peacwork

War's remains: Mines, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium. MoveOn Peace Bulletin, April 2002, Susan V. Thompson, Ed.

The "NATO Syndrome" -- Arms, Profits and Lies / Who has been concealing the dangers of depleted uranium for the last ten years, and why? Michel Collon.

The Radioactive Bullet, Bill Mesler, The Nation, Oct 21, 1996

The Fire This Time: Depleted Uranium, Read/scroll down past the quotes to get to the really useful questions & answers: What is DU? Is DU safe? What about plutonium contamination in DU shells?

Trail of a Bullet, Series of article from the Christian Science Monitor about DU use in Kosovo, environmental damage and health-related effects.


In-depth reading about DU:

The Eos life~work resource centre

Depleted Uranium in the Balkans**** A case study by the Inventory of Conflict and Environment

National Gulf War Resource Center (NGWRC) DU Link

Reports by Dan Fahey on the NGWRC site:

The Politics of Depleted Uranium**** A case study by the Inventory of Conflict and Environment.






An Iraqi baby showing the same thalidomide-like birth defect as the US Gulf War Vet's child shown on the main page.




Iraqi child born with deformed arms and hands.