America's Big Dirty Secret: Depleted Uranium Weapons

Organizations working to ban DU:

Campaign against Depleted Uranium (UK) The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium was launched in 1999 to focus specifically on trying to achieve a global ban on the manufacture, testing, and use of depleted uranium weapons. (Although we have a strong interest in identifying the extent of its civilian use and achieving as much limitation of this as possible.)

Depleted Uranium Education Project In mid-1996 the IAC initiated the Depleted Uranium Education Project to fight against radioactive waste, contamination and nuclear testing. This led to the September 12, 1996 meeting of Non-Governmental Organizations at the United Nations Church Center to expose the health and environmental consequences of DU weapons and eventually to the book, Metal of Dishonor.

Laka Foundation Depleted uranium: A post war disaster for environment and health (May 1999)

Military Toxics Project Our goal is to unite activists, organizations, and communities in the struggle to clean up military pollution, safe-guard the transportation of hazardous materials, and to advance the development and implementation of preventative solutions to the toxic and radioactive pollution caused by military activities.

Save the War Children This organization is education U.S. citizens about the Persian Gulf War, including the health effects of DU on Iraqi civilians. Their primary activity is touring with a photo exhibition entitled "Children of the Gulf War". Photos taken by Takashi Morizumi are very affecting.

Stop NATO: Depleted Uranium Watch

Swords to Plowshares In recent years Swords has been tracking developments concerning veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. Because of the experience assisting Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, many Gulf War veterans have contacted Swords for help in getting compensation for debilitating illnesses. Swords is at the forefront in educating the public about the widespread harm caused by the military's use of DU during the Gulf War

Uranium Medical Research Centre UMRC, is an independent non profit organization founded in 1997 to provide scientific and medical service and expertise not otherwise available. The UMRC mission is to identify and quantitatively analyze internal contamination with Uranium, transuranium elements, and radionuclides produced by the process of Uranium decay and fission.




This photgraph of Robert West, a U.S. Gulf War vet, was taken from "A 27-minute life" --- one article in the series: Discounted Casualties: The Human Cost of Depleted Uranium. Robert is gazing at the gravestone of his son, Michael, who died 27 minutes after birth as a result of birth defects Robert believes were due to his exposure to DU during the war.