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Event planning:

We are currently sharing our experiences in Israel & Palestine in events throughout the state of Indiana. We have many photos to show and stories to tell.

We would be happy to schedule a special event with your student, church, or community group. Please email us at:

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Travel Diary Excerpts:

Allison's Journal:
"Our last plane from Munich to Tel Aviv: If we hadn't already been flying for 24 hours, this flight would have been the most comfortable." More!

Bill's Journal
"... it was stated that we are only meeting with the "lunatic fringe" in Israel.. So long as fear drives the sane to trust in weapons, walls, and wars for illusive security, I will stand with the lunatics." More!

Djoko's Journal
" Next we met with Jad Isaac of the Applied Research Institute -Jerusalem. A former professor of biology, he uses satellite imaging to quantify the effect of Israeli occupation on Palestinian land and its people." More!

Gretchen's Journal
"We have learned what it is like to be a Palestinian. Palestinians are humiliated on a daily basis, their every movement is restricted.. A friend of mine once asked me why the Palestinians don’t use peaceful means to end this tragedy. He wondered where their Gandhi was. In my opinion they are all Gandhis." More!

Jason's Journal
"After our meetings, we returned to the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition work camp in Netanyu. Djoko, Lance and I helped finish the exterior concrete on Salim's home.  It was a beautiful sight.  Americans, Italians, Brits, Germans, Palestinians and Jews working side by side. Around 8:30 local time, the camp was threatened with a raid." More!

Jessica's Journal
"...the most powerful part of the tour of the old city was meeting a little boy, 12-years-old, who had lost both of his eyes last year when the Israeli military fired on him. The little boy told us what had happened to him. His father told us “Bush does not see this." More!

Lance's Journal:
"After the university visit, a man named Zaid Oreh took us on a tour of Jenin, where 65 people died in April of 2002 when Israel destroyed a very large section of the refugee camp. Jenin has been the hotbed of activity during the current Intifada. The sight of the refugee camp was paralyzing: Where once stood the 482 homes there is nothing now except a vacant lot. Of the 65 people who perished with their homes, half of them were actually militants." More!



Human Rights Groups

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Association for Human Rights
Bat Shalom
Bereaved Parents' Circle
Christian Peacemaker Team
Courage to Refuse
Jerusalem Center for Women
Holy Land Trust
International Solidarity Movement
Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition
Palestinian: Rapprochement Between People
Peace Now
Vatican Ecumenical Center (Tantur)
Women in Black

Community Groups

Al Fara'a
Neve Shalom
Palestine Children's Welfare Fund

Alternative News

The Jenin Inquiry
Palestine Monitor

Bloomington Groups

Students for Justice in Palestine