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"IRAQ 2008" Town Hall Meeting

"IRAQ 2008"

Town Hall Meeting
with featured speaker Cliff Kindy

An Evening of Education, Inspiration, and Discussion on
Iraq and Ending the U.S. Occupation

Eyewitness Report on life in U.S. Occupied Iraq

Thursday, April 24, 2008
7:00 p.m.

First United Church
2420 E. 3rd Street
Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana Students Against War and Bloomington Peace Action Coalition are pleased to present an evening of education and inspiration with Cliff Kindy, and offer the public an opportunity to come together to speak out about the war and military occupation in Iraq.

Cliff Kindy, organic farmer, pacifist, and long-time member of Christian Peacemaker Teams, has recently returned from Iraq. He will open the Bloomington Town Hall Meeting by speaking about his experiences living and working with the people of Iraq, and give an eyewitness account of life under U.S. military occupation.

Following Mr. Kindy’s presentation, everyone will have an opportunity to speak out –
To ask questions,
To give voice to the majority of Hoosiers calling for an end to the war, and
To make it clear to our Representatives and Senators: “Stop Paying for War and Occupation!”

During the past five years, the U.S. Congress has approved the spending of more than 560 billion dollars for war and military occupation in Iraq. Since the United States launched the March 2003 invasion, hundreds of thousands of lives have been destroyed in Iraq. Now Congress is considering the appropriation of another $170 billion to continue the U.S. occupation of Iraq into the year 2009, with a decision expected in early May 2008.

The continuing U.S. military occupation of Iraq not only raises serious issues of U.S. national security. In addition, billions of dollars are being spent on war and occupation that could instead go into much needed domestic programs for health care, infrastructure and education, and into programs addressing global climate change and peaking world oil supplies.

For years, a majority of Americans has wanted the occupation to end. But, so far, even a Congress controlled by a Democratic majority has not moved to put an end to the occupation of Iraq.

How can this nation move forward on resolving the conflict in Iraq?

We invite your participation in this important discussion.

All 9th District Congressional candidates, current Indiana members of Congress, and the media have been invited to this important meeting. Bloomington's Community Access Television Services (CATS) will be filming and broadcasting the event.

Join us on April 24th for a Town Hall style gathering with featured speaker, Cliff Kindy.

Sponsored by Indiana Students Against War and Bloomington Peace Action Coalition