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Media Coverage of March & April 2009
Peace Events in Bloomington, Indiana

For those who may not have seen recent local media coverage of BPAC and ISAW events and the March on the Pentagon, I offer the following links to articles.

Thank you to those who reported on these events and to all who participated.

We missed most of you.

Also, hear the great interviews with Elsa Marston Harik and Kadhim Shaaban, WFHB coverage of March 25th events, and Timothy Baer's questions after 6 years of war on Iraq.

Fundraiser directs resources to Iraqi refugees
Indiana Daily Student – March 25, 2009

Fundraiser aims to help Iraqi families
Indiana Daily Student – March 26, 2009

“What’s going on in Iraq is illegal” ~ March 25th Demonstration
Indiana Daily Student – March 26, 2009

Marching on the war profiteers
The Bloomington Alternative – April 5, 2009

Shadow colonies and the ‘War on Terror’
The Bloomington Alternative – April 5, 2009

Dave Stewart’s interview with Elsa Marston Harik
WFHB’s Interchange – March 3, 2009

Dave Stewart’s interview with Kadhim Shaaban
WFHB’s Interchange – March 31, 2009

Bloomington Demonstration to “End the U.S. Occupations”
WFHB’s Daily Local News – March 25, 2009

Six Years of War in Iraq
Timothy Baer asks if the Obama Administration and Congress will really do the right thing and end the U.S. military occupation of Iraq.
WFHB’s Firehouse Feedback – March 17, 2009