Recruiters Lie!

In Jan. 2002, the Indianapolis Star published a report on the troubling state of the Indiana Army National Guard and how the Guard inflated membership to obtain federal money. Among the allegations was that recruiters forged potentially hundreds of physicals to enlist unqualified recruits.

"Leaders of the Indiana Army National Guard inflated membership numbers by counting soldiers who had left the ranks and retaining soldiers who routinely missed weekend training....These actions of the state Army National Guard, the sixth-largest in the country, are described in records obtained by The Indianapolis Star." ( Indianapolis Star, Jan. 20, 2002 )

National Guard Sergeant was found guilty during court marshal of conspiring to forge physical exam documents and only sentenced to seven days in jail and a $1,000 fine!!!


  • The investigation that led to the trial found that more than 150 soldiers were enlisted without valid physicals from October 1999 to March 2001.
  • Recruiter only got a small penalty - nothing to really set a high standard or send a clear message against illegal recruitment tactics!
  • These Problems were occurring to help push the demand of state budget needs…. Imagine what is occurring now to meet federal demands and increases on military recruiters!!!




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