Bloomington Peace Action Coalition Core Message
(updated June 30, 2006)

~ Committed to Ending the War on Iraq since 2001 ~

Bloomington Peace Action Coalition (BPAC) is a vital, unified organization driven by a core of dedicated Peace/ anti-war activists committed to education and action by sharing a diverse scope of literature on world events, foreign policy, anti-war perspectives, non-violent alternatives, humanitarian needs/projects, and Peace and Justice activities; and providing activists/ citizens with opportunities to be engaged in working for Peace in Iraq and throughout the world.

BPAC is dedicated to helping our community "Participate for Peace." We believe that our Peace-oriented efforts also inspire all of us to be a more tolerant and compassionate community, engaged with others in shaping domestic and foreign policy, as well as national and world events, rather than merely being affected by them.

BPAC members are involved in organizing Peace vigils; anti-war and counter-recruiting demonstrations, marches, and rallies; pledge & petition drives; letter writing & Congressional lobbying campaigns; film presentation series (32 films so far); and lecture and public forum presentations. BPAC encourages involvement in anti-war and Peace campaigns and activities by promoting local, regional, and national rallies, marches, demonstrations, and actions. BPAC members initiated and sustained the Peace Camp on Indiana University's campus (at Dunn Meadow) from October 7, 2001 to June 2002. Information about current campaigns, activities, and events and numerous news and activist links are available at the BPAC website.

BPAC's primary goal in 2006 is ending the illegal, immoral war and U.S. military occupation in Iraq. BPAC actively supports House Concurrent Resolution 35 and other Congressional initiatives calling for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

BPAC also strives to prevent future wars and military strikes against other nations, like Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

BPAC has ongoing campaigns countering military recruiting in schools and the community, and calling for abolishing radioactive depleted uranium (DU) weapons.

Individuals can keep informed about BPAC activities and events by joining the moderated e-mail announcement list. Write to:

Join the 200+ member open discussion and article posting list at:

Bloomington Peace Action Coalition plans and executes actions (often in concert with other groups) to advance the cause of Peace. BPAC strives to:

  • Educate -- through hosting public events, appearing in the media, and distributing information and materials;
  • Lobby -- by contacting elected officials at every level, as well as candidates for office;
  • Campaign -- while not affiliated with any party or candidate, we may use elections to advance the peace issue;
  • Reach Out -- by contacting new groups of people, as well as forming coalitions with others, including minorities and others hurt by high military spending;
  • Explore Peaceful Alternatives -- by supporting groups of whatever size that offer a model of peace in their lives and practice;
  • Engage in Non-Violent Direct Action -- Some among us continue thetradition of Gandhi and King in practicing non-violent civil disobedience to oppose war and injustice. Bloomington Peace Action Coalition supportssuch actions provided they are non-violent in every sense, including demonstrated respect and compassion towards the entire community as well as those whoselivelihood depends on working in law enforcement.

We encourage everyone to be informed:

We encourage everyone to get involved:

  • Participate with us at our weekly "End-the-War" demonstration every Wednesday, 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the Monroe County Courthouse Square, Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Join us at our monthly meetings, the first Monday of every month, 6:00 pm, Room 1-B in the Monroe County Public Library, 303 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, Indiana.
  • Watch for our special events.






Fruits of the tree: peace, life, justice, freedom, equality, love.





BPAC vigil on the Bloomington town square, March 2003.